WISE Best Practices

Ateliere Fără Frontiere Association (download here: AFF) Ateliere Fără Frontiere Association is a Romanian non-profit organisation, established in 2008, for the social, professional and civic insertion of vulnerable, excluded and marginalised people, by employing them in workshops developed around the circular economy, part of Groupe SOS – a global network that works to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Caritas Câmpulung Association (download here: Caritas-Campulung) The Caritas Câmpulung Association was established in 1999, with its own legal personality. In January 2017, it obtained the certificate of social enterprise. In March 2017, the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection reaccredited the association as a provider of social services, and in December 2017, the Caritas Association obtained the certificate of insertion social enterprise.

Natura Vie Association (download here: Natura Vie) The Natura Vie Association established in December 2020 has a social insertion enterprise with a social brand in the form of an online store – www.e-natura.ro – which only sells products of small local producers, other social insertion enterprises (ISIs) or NGOs , vegan products, eco, 100% natural and without plastic or non-recyclable packaging.

The Emmaus Satu Mare Solidarity Association (download here: Emmaus) The Emmaus Satu Mare Solidarity Association was established in 2010 to support young people who leave the child protection system. The association is part of the continuity of the educational work started by the Freres association in the placement centers in Satu Mare county since 1991. Emmaus Satu Mare is a member of the international Emmaus movement.

Atelierul de Pânză SRL(download here: Atelierul de-panza) Atelierul de Pânză is a project of the non-profit organization ViitorPlus Sustainable Development Association, organized under the legal form SRL. The Cloth Workshop started its activity in 2009, with 3 beneficiaries and a specialized employee (for the training of the beneficiaries and organization of production). Since 2014, Atelierul de Pânză has been a protected establishment, which means that a large part of its staff is made up of people with disabilities.

Alături de Voi Foundation România (download here: ADV) The “Alături de Voi” Foundation Romania (ADV) is a non-governmental organization established in February 2002 as a continuation of the programs of the American organization Holt International Children’s Service USA, in Romania initially working for children and HIV positive youth. ADV Romania has its national headquarters in Iasi and is registered as a foundation, with a Board of Directors consisting of 3 members and 2 honorary members. ADV’s mission is the inclusion of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

UtilDecoGroup SRL (download here: Util-Deco) UtilDeco Group SRL is a protected unit commercial company and one of the largest social insertion enterprises in Romania, established and controlled by “Fundaţia Alături de Voi” Romania (ADV), in 2008, as an employment solution for young people with disabilities, those who come from the child protection system or from families with problems.

SONIDO, Latvia (download here: Sonido_en) SONIDO is an innovative social business that offers employment opportunities to socially marginalised people and risk groups, but also excellent services that adapt to the needs of their clients. The workplace is inclusive and their profits are invested in the ‘2Talk line’ which gives people the opportunity to talk, be heard and not feel alone.

Fundació Formació i Treball, Spain (download hereFIT) Fundació Formació i Treball is a group of entities that facilitate access to the labor market for people at risk of social exclusion and manage and deliver essential products to families with limited economic resources. 

The Roba Amiga (download here – RobaAmiga) Cooperative is made up of different non-profit entities that work for the socio-labor insertion of people at risk of social exclusion through different initiatives, such as Roba Amiga. The objective of the Roba Amiga Cooperative is to continue expanding the number of containers in Catalonia and for them to become another element of the landscape of our municipalities.

Brigades Nature (download here – BrigadesNature) is at the heart of public integration policies. It declines this objective of solidarity by proposing to its employees in integration the realization of construction sites falling within the field of sustainable development: green spaces, natural spaces, restoration of small heritage, cleaning.