SEEDing Enterprising for Tomorrow


“SEEDing – Enterprising for Tomorrow” aims to boost the competitive potential of at least 100 social enterprises in Romania, with a special focus on the sectors of information and communication technology (ICT) as well as the green industry.
The “SEEDing – Enterprising for Tomorrow” project plans to act in four directions:
  1. Skill development in three key areas: circular economy, information technology, and social financing for at least 500 people working in Romania’s social economy sector.
  2. Strengthening responsible partnerships between social economy entities, the business environment, public authorities, and universities under the umbrella of the “Social Enterprise Accelerator” cluster.
  3. Transfer of expertise in the circular economy from Norwegian social enterprises to Romanian ones.
  4. The Barometer of Social Economy in Romania – mapping the social economy sector and the needs of social enterprises in Romania, in the context of the European Action Plan for the Development of the Social Economy, approved in December 2021 by the European Commission.