The following may be members of the association:

  • social enterprises, insertion social enterprises, whether or not accredited,
  • authorized protected units
  • organizations providing resources or assistance to social economy entities, social enterprises, socio-professional integration of disadvantaged groups, grant administrators for the establishment of social economy enterprises,
  • experts in the field of employment, socio-professional integration of disadvantaged groups, social economy (individuals and legal entities)

According to the bylaws, RISE can have the following categories of members:

  • Founding associate members – legal entities that know and adhere to the statute of the network and to the Charter of Values ​​and Principles, cumulatively meet all the accession criteria and express their will to associate by concluding the constitutive act of RISE;
  • Active associate members – legal entities that adhere to the RISE statute after incorporation and to the Charter of Values ​​and Principles and cumulatively meet all accession criteria. The identification data of RISE members are kept in a special register at the RISE headquarters. The accession of the new active associated members is recorded by decision of the management and control bodies of RISE and the minutes of the respective meetings.
  • Honorary members – natural persons / personalities and legal persons who have a recognized contribution in the fields of reference for economic, scientific and social life. Honorary members are not associated and do not have the right to vote in the decisions of the Network. Honorary membership cannot be passed on to another person. Honorary members are proposed by the Board of Directors and approved / revoked by the General Assembly of RISE. Honorary members have an advisory role and are invited to the meetings of the General Assembly.
  • Observer members – legal or natural persons who may join this category in order to participate in the activities carried out by the association and may benefit from its expertise for a period not exceeding 12 months after accession, after which they request withdrawal or accession as an active associate member , subject to specific conditions for active associate members.


The contribution for the year 2020 has been established on the basis of the annual income of the member organization in the previous fiscal year as follows:

  • under 500,000 lei => 100 euros
  • between 500,001 lei – 1,000,000 => 200 euros
  • between 1,000,001 lei – 2,000,000 => 300 euros
  • over 2,000,000 lei => 400 euros


If you would like to join RISE please email us at