The Romanian Network of Insertion Social Enterprises (RISE) was established in 2013 and groups:

  • social enterprises, insertion social enterprises, accredited or not
  • authorized protected units
  • organizations providing resources or assistance to social economy entities, social enterprises, socio-professional integration of disadvantaged groups, grant administrators for the establishment of social economy enterprises
  • experts in the field of employment, socio-professional integration of disadvantaged groups, social economy (individuals and legal entities)

The main landmarks of RISE’s activity since its establishment until now are:

  • In the first years of its establishment, in the period 2013-2015, RISE participated and represented the interests of its members in the campaign on the Social Economy Law, adopted in 2015.
  • Subsequently, RISE Romania joined the European Network for Social Integration Enterprises – ENSIE
  • In 2019, RISE actively participated in the European Buy Social seminars
  • Recently, in the period 2020-2021, RISE was involved in the POCU 2021-2017 planning process, in outlining the proposals on the social economy sector in PNRR (the National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and participated in the Working Group of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection for amending the law of the social economy.


More information on current RISE initiatives is available in the Initiatives section.