Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of RISE is to promote the social, professional and economic integration of people in difficulty in Romania on the labor market, through the development of social enterprises.

RISE advocates for social and cohesion, economic and environmental policies that guarantee the full exercise, with respect for human dignity, of access to essential rights for employment, education, housing, maintenance, culture and well-being, including the excluded and marginalized .

The specific objectives of the Network of Social Enterprises for insertion through Economic activity (RISE) are:

  • Communication, cooperation between members, fostering and developing partnerships, sharing experience; supporting the professionalization of social insertion enterprises and the mutualization and capitalization of skills and knowledge in the field of socio-professional insertion;
  • Support services for access to finance, development of new activities and support in promoting products and services made in the community, as well as in identifying markets for them; creation of a national directory of structures, as well as products and services generated by social insertion enterprises;
  • Carrying out awareness-raising and education actions and activities in the fields relevant for the social and professional insertion of excluded / marginalized / vulnerable people through the social economy;
  • Analysis, research, statistics and prospecting for social, economic, entrepreneurial, pedagogical innovation.
  • Representation in the field of public policies, consultative role in relation to local, national and European political authorities and synergy with other existing organizations, networks, groups at national and international level (consultation in the elaboration of national legislative devices in the social field, education, training and qualification employment, the economy, obtaining tax facilities, implementing social clauses, public procurement, tax deductions, facilitating access to funding from national or international funds) to participate in the development of national and European public policies to combat exclusion and development durable.

In its activities, RISE considers the observance of the purpose, principles and criteria of operation specific to the social economy, namely:

PURPOSE: To serve the general interest, the interests of a community and / or the non-patrimonial personal interests, by increasing the employment of persons belonging to the vulnerable group and / or the production and supply of goods, the provision of services and / or the execution of works.


  1. priority given to the individual and social objectives over increasing profit;
  2. solidarity and collective responsibility;
  3. convergence between the interests of associate members and the general interest and / or interests of a community;
  4. democratic control of members, exercised over the activities carried out;
  5. the voluntary and free character of the association in the forms of organization specific to the field of social economy;
  6. distinct legal personality, autonomy of management and independence from public authorities;
  7. the allocation of the largest share of the profit / financial surplus to achieve the objectives of sustainable development and the provision of services to members in accordance with the general interest.


  1. acts for social purposes and / or in the general interest of the community
  2. allocates at least 90% of the profit made to the social purpose and the statutory reserve
  3. undertakes to transfer the assets remaining after the liquidation to one or more social enterprises;
  4. apply the principle of social equity to employees, ensuring fair pay levels, between which there can be no differences exceeding the ratio of 1 to 8.