The purpose of RISE is to promote the social, professional and economic integration of people in difficulty in Romania on the labor market, through the development of social enterprises.

RISE advocates for social and cohesion, economic and environmental policies that guarantee the full exercise, with respect for human dignity, of access to essential rights for employment, education, housing, maintenance, culture and well-being, including the excluded and marginalized.

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The Romanian Network of Insertion Social Enterprises (RISE) currently reunites 12 members – social enterprises, social insertion enterprises, authorized protected units, resource organizations and experts in the field of employment, socio-professional insertion of disadvantaged groups, social economy.

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For the proper functioning of the social economy and social insertion enterprises in Romania both a general framework favorable to the development of social economy organizations, measures that promote their optimal integration into the economic and welfare system, and special measures dedicated to the social economy or certain types of social enterprises are needed.

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The RISE Romania network is actively involved in the implementation of projects with European funding meant to contribute to the development of the social enterprise sector in particular and of the social economy sector in general.

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The WISE Observatory is an online collection of job integration policies, learning materials and case studies from RISE partner countries, available to any organization interested in the subject of socio-professional insertion.

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B-WISE – Press release : Publication of the report on trends and challenges for WISEs in Europe

The B-WISE project partners are glad to announce you the publication of the “Report on trends and challenges for Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) in Europe – Current situation of skills gaps, especially in the digital area”, prepared by EURICSE, with the support of all the project partners. The report aims to contribute to develop … Read more

Caritas Câmpulung Association – the place where young and single mothers find support

In Câmpulung there is a special place where young mothers in foster care, single mothers or who are victims of domestic violence or human trafficking, find moral support and guidance for the future. This place is Caritas Câmpulung Association, an organisation accredited as a social insertion enterprise that helps these mothers to understand their past … Read more

Emmaus Satu Mare – social enterprise for young people

Emmaus Satu Mare is one of the biggest work integration social enterprises in Romania according to the Register of Social Enterprises of ANOFM and was selected to be one of the case studies within the BWise project. The main purpose of the Association is the integration of post-institutionalized young people from a social and professional … Read more

Work integration of disadvantaged workers through social enterprises – a sustainable labor market inclusion. An introduction

Workshops without Borders Association, the RISE Network and their partners in the WISE for Digital Upskilling project are launching an essential tool for anyone taking their first steps in the field of social enterprises in general or social insertion enterprises in particular – social entrepreneur, employment officer, local and national decision-makers who work so that … Read more

The Launching Event of the B-WISE project

On Thursday, October 14th, the 30 partners of the B-WISE project gathered in Brussels for the launching event of the project, organized by EASPD in conjunction with its 25th Anniversary Conference and in the framework of ENSIE 20th anniversary. This event focused on the “Digital skills needs for WISEs of tomorrow” and set up the … Read more