Caritas Câmpulung Association

The Caritas Association is an international non-governmental organization under the auspices of the Catholic Church. The purpose of this worldwide association is to experience love for God and for one’s neighbor in need.

The Caritas Câmpulung Association was founded in 1999, with its own legal personality. In January 2017 the certificate of social enterprise of the Association was obtained, in March 2017 the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection re-accredited the association as a provider of social services, and in December 2017 the Caritas Association obtained the certificate of social enterprise of insertion.

The aim of the Caritas Câmpulung Association is to help young women from foster care or single mothers – victims of domestic violence or human trafficking – who come from disadvantaged backgrounds to find a new path full of trust.

The services offered by Caritas Câmpulung are multiple and diverse, adapted to the needs of each beneficiary: counseling, professional training and socio-professional integration. For this, the association creates jobs and helps them learn new trades. They work side by side with qualified staff from the tailoring workshop, the farm and the cheese factory from Schitu Golești and the restaurant from Câmpulung Muscel.

All these are part of the Together project, a project that started in 1997 by taking over 9 young women from the Placement Center in Câmpulung (Girls’ Orphanage) after reaching the age of 18 and moving them to 2 apartments of the Association with a manager in each apartment.

Every year, the Together project has grown through the integration of other young people, being the largest project of the Association still in progress, which has 4 main directions:

  • Ensuring a home and a living wage;
  • Professionalization and preparation of young women for future jobs;
  • Professional and socio-professional integration;
  • Preparing to form future sustainable families.

From the beginning of the project until now, the Caritas Câmpulung Association has had over 150 beneficiaries, some of them still employed in the projects. The success rate is quite high: over 60% of the beneficiaries have stable jobs, have sustainable families and are responsible, really finding a new and trustworthy path after participating in the association’s projects.

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