Acces Pass

Acces Pass is a social enterprise of insertion and authorized protected unit that offers services and products for equipping public and private spaces, as well as content for people with special needs, people with disabilities.

Their aim is to help institutions, enterprises and companies to prepare the work space, services and products they have, for all types of categories of people, and on the other hand, to contribute to increasing the quality of life of people with disabilities by having a series of of courses for the development of new skills and competences, which will support their efforts in the employment process.

The mission of Acces Pass is to take steps towards building an inclusive society in which all categories of people have equal opportunities, which would lead to an increase in their degree of independence.

What sets them apart:

1. Authorized Protected Unit Quality, which means that their services and products are deductible from the disability fund, for companies with more than 50 employees;
2. Using modern technology (interactive augmented reality) to make inclusive maps (map of a building, a space, etc.) or interactive drawings and graphics (objects, evacuation plans, etc.);
3. The possibility of opting for complete packages of products and services in terms of creating an inclusive environment, with the possibility of customizing them according to needs;
4. The experience of over 15 years in the field of accessibility and building a space to which everyone has equal access, within a profile NGO, as well as the life experience of our colleagues who, for the most part, have disabilities (sight, locomotives);
5. Supporting a social cause, 90% of the profit made goes to the education of blind children through their partner the Association for Urban Development.

Access Pass offers the following services:

  • Translations, video productions, legal advice
  • 2D illustrations, 3D prints and catalogs
  • Braille prints, tactile illustrations
  • Space accessibility services and application accessibility

For more details:

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